The Futsal Shop was born out of a passion for futsal, a dedication to grow the sport in the UK and a desire serve the futsal family with top products and futsal knowledge!
We want to see England (then Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too) win a World Cup, The FA Futsal League become pro and have some of the top clubs in the World producing top talent on and off the court.
We've assembled a top team of people to turn this dream into a reality. Working with athletes, clubs and coaches globally to help spread the word - we envision a future where futsal is mainstream, televised and loved by millions!

We're here to help and bring you the best futsal has to offer. Let's grow the game together.
Our Promise - Nothing But Futsal

We are a dedicated futsal company and we promise to give back to the sport. Firstly we will do this by having reasonably priced futsal goods and help and advice, but as we grow, we can help futsal to grow too with free events, sponsorship and more.
Oli Riches
Head of Design and Communications
Oli was co-founder of Teesside University Futsal Club and is a professional designer based in Oslo. His work includes designs for Pixar & 20th Century Fox as well as logos for futsal teams in England such as Middlesbrough, Maidenhead and Gateshead
Nick Hamblin
Head of Sales and Marketing
Nick has played for his fair share of futsal clubs, starting at Middlesbrough under Damon Shaw and now finds himself at University of Nottingham having travelled around the North of England plying his trade, winning the League with Boro. Nick wears Munich Continental