What's futsal?

We're pretty sure you know this as you're here, but just in case... In a nutshell: Futsal is indoor 5-a-side, played with a smaller (not heavier!) ball with less bounce. It has rules that make it different to the common 5-a-side, such as the ball can go out of play, players can score from anywhere, enter the area and the ball can go over head height. It's origins are in Uruguay and it spread throughout South America where it has been played since 1930, the year of the first Football World Cup.

The name futsal comes from the Spanish and Portuguese for indoor football: fútbol sala or futebol de salão.

Will you sponsor my club? Or me?

Right now, we're looking to work with a handful of clubs to provide teamwear. We can't commit any funds to sponsorship just yet, but when we can, we'll be doing it through the Foundation (read more). What we will offer from the beginning are very reasonable prices on trainers and kit deals to rival any company for futsal clubs - with the added promise that we are keeping the money in futsal.

Do you print badges and sponsors?

No, not yet. We supply the kit to you as you see on our website. We can supply your badges as iron on patches which work out cheaper and easier for all concerned. Chat to one of our team for more information on this.

What size ball should I use for juniors?

We would recommend using adult (size 4/62cm) balls for adults, under-16s and under-14s. Then for under-12s and below drop to a size 3/58cm. Smaller balls are also available for under-8s and under-6s and of course, feel free to train with a smaller ball to vary training, but when it comes to competition, the best option is to train with the ball you will be playing with!

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order you will need to contact customer services on team@thefutsalshop.com stating the order number and as much information as possible. Providing it hasn’t been picked up by our courier then we will offer a full refund. If it’s left, then you will have to follow our returns procedure.

Where is my order?

Once you have placed your order you can track the order. View it in the customer area or follow the link in the email and track your parcel.

Do The Futsal Shop price match?

We are constantly looking at our competitors and we believe we offer the best prices and service for futsal players. However, if you don’t ask you don’t get. If you find the same product cheaper please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Can I order by phone, email or fax?

The easiest way is through the website, but we’ll be happy to take orders via email or phone, or SMS, WhatsApp, twitter etc.. Fax – well, if that’s your only option, we’ll find a way!

What sizes are the products?

Shoe sizes aren’t straightforward, but take a look on our website for the size guides and find the closest for you, however, if you get it and it doesn’t fit, we offer hassle-free returns. We’re always happy to talk to you about getting the size right first time so drop us a message and we’ll talk you through it.