What size futsal ball for juniors?

What size futsal ball for juniors?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, what size ball should we use for [insert age group here]?

While there are no international standards for junior futsal balls according to the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game (yet), it isn't suitable for small children to be using adult futsal balls. They are too big and they don't get the same benefits if they were to use age-appropriate sizes. Some nations have their own standards and while the UK is catching up we have come up with some recommendations for British futsal based on the two leading nations, Spain and Brazil. In Spain, they use sizes, 2, 3 and 4 only, whereas, in Brazil, they also use a size 1.

Below is a table comparing with our recommendation at the end. With the UK grouping age groups into two like in Spain, 9/10s, 11/12s and so on as opposed to Brazil who do 10s/11s, 12s/13s, we have used the Spanish model as opposed to the Brazilian way. We sell balls in all sizes and have a range of different brands. Check out our ball page to buy futsal balls in the size you require.

It also depends on what the league you play in uses, but if you're in a league that uses the wrong size, ask them to check us out and why not print off the table below to show them?

 Age Gender Weight


Adults, U20's, U15's to U17's Male/Female 400g to 440g 62cm to 64cm
Under 13's Male/Female 350g to 380g 55cm to 59cm
U9's to U11's Male/Female 300g to 330g 50cm to 55cm
U9's and below Male/Female 250g to 280g 40cm to 43cm


Do you use any different sizes? Let us know in the comments below.