Umbro has unveiled a brand new shoe designed for futsal players who take their game seriously - the Chaleira Pro. Designed in partnership with the brand's Brazilian partners, the shoe has been created to meet the particular demands of the fast-paced, skillful sport, using insights from players around the world. Brazil is the spiritual home of futsal and where many of the world's top players are based, so it was the natural location for Umbro to use in the development of their new shoe.

With extensive research and wear-testing involving professional players, plus feedback from Umbro's partners in Brazil, the Chaleira Pro was created. The insights from players were used to influence the design of the Chaleira Pro in a number of ways. First of all, flexibility in the forefoot is important as futsal players need to move this area in more extreme ways due to the intensity and speed of the game. So, the Chaleira has a cushioned leather vamp to provide the required flexibility, while flex grooves in the forefoot work with the foot's natural movements to give the wearer more traction and enhanced comfort during the game.

In the midfoot, a support cage secures the foot for a locked-in fit, supporting the foot as the wearer moves in all directions. This area also helps to provide a great touch, an essential skill for any futsal player. Cushioning in key areas is important for futsal players, as the short, sharp changes in direction and hard surfaces common in the game exert extra pressure on the ankles and knees. So, the Chaleira features an EVA heel cushioning area for extra comfort, and an impact zone on the outsole to disperse force more evenly, reducing the impact of those sharp turns and sudden movements.

As the primary contact area with the ball, the outsole is hugely important to futsal players. As well as the flex grooves and impact zone, the outsole also featured a 360-degree pivot zone, which allows for greater traction during the twists and turns that are integral to futsal. The grooves in the outsole also help to increase grip by channelling dust and dirt from the futsal pitch.

The Chaleira is completed by a mesh window in the midfoot for breathability and a neoprene collar on the ankle for increased comfort. The name of the shoe comes from the word used by Brazilians to describe a particularly skilful futsal move. It's believed to have been inspired by Charles W Miller, a founding father of Brazilian football who grew up in England. Like Miller, the Chaleira Pro has similarly Anglo-Brazilian roots.

The new Chaleira Pro will be worn by a host of top futsal players around the world, including Leandro Lino, Marcel Marques, and Vinicius Rocha of the Brazilian national team. These three players star in a video Umbro have created to celebrate the launch of the Chaleira and a wider campaign celebrating what makes futsal so special. The More Game campaign is all about those elements that make futsal so special.

Whether competitive or casual, futsal players are encouraged to express themselves, to try new things, and to push the boundaries of their play. That leads to more touches, more precision, more skill, more flair, more shots, more goals - and More Game. The video starring Lino, Marques and Rocha bring all these elements to life.

Five players will be wearing the Chaleira Pro at the UEFA European Futsal Championships this month: Adolfito of Spain, Romulo of Russia, and Portuguese stars Bebe, Fabio Cecilio, and Tiago Brito. England's Doug Reed, Portugal's Miguel Angelo, and Brazil's Bateria will also be wearing the Chaleira Pro in forthcoming competitive fixtures.

The Umbro Chaleira Pro is available in a Plum Caspia, Black, Eclipse and Lava Pink The Futsal Shop.

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