FIFA Futsal Update: New Futsal Laws of the Game approved

FIFA Futsal Update: New Futsal Laws of the Game approved

On 8 April 2020, the FIFA Council approved an update to the Futsal Laws of the Game. The latest rules form the 2020/21 edition and came into force on 1 June 2020. FIFA laid out some of the most important changes on their website.

Several of the key changes reflect the recent changes we have seen in football. "Competitions interrupted by COVID-19 can be completed in accordance with either the previous Futsal Laws of the Game or the new edition for 2020/21". "Any friendly or warm-up games played prior to the resumption of competition are permitted to use the laws that will be applied when the competition restarts, even if these warm-up matches take place after 1 June 2020."

More organisational options for associations

A common aspect of futsal seen locally, nationally and globally has been the varied approach around some of the rules, especially when trying to introduce the sport to new areas and cultures. FIFA's changes have been designed to promote futsal in a creative and technical manner. It is now permitted that variables such as pitch size, goal size, goalkeeper throws over the halfway line, etc., can be adjusted to suit the needs of that league depending on circumstances. These circumstances can include competitions involving younger players, older players, players with disabilities, and grassroots level.

Another notable change (one that was sometimes a pointless delay in starts) is that kicks now mirror the rules of football, with all players, except the kick-ff taker, having to be in their own half. Penalties being used to determine a winner of a match have now been increased from three to five.

Video: FIFA's 2016 basic Laws of the Game

To read the main amendments issues by FIFA, head here: Main Amendments to the Futsal Laws of the Game for the 2020/2021 edition