Feinting to receive, high intensity futsal exercise

Feinting to receive, high intensity futsal exercise

This is an exercise I love. It's intense and works several fundamental futsal techniques - feinting, control and passing, pressing and it works on specific futsal fitness, working for one minute, resting for two.


Attacker must receive the ball from the outside

The set up is two players in the centre, one starts off attacking and 6 players on the outside, half of them with balls. The attacker must receive a ball from the outside and play it to a player without a ball. If he misplaces a pass or gets intercepted, the roles in the centre switch. You can set it up with every player having a ball and the player just plays a one two - better for younger players or new players, but this version requires more decision making and is more realistic and suitable for elite players.


After a good warm up

I normally do 3 sets of this, taking around 15 minutes of the training session and I'd use it early in the plan, after a good warm up. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave them below!